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Digiscan is a CCTV company specialising in the supply, installation and maintenance of all CCTV and related products, including Access Control, Time and Attendance, Perimeter protection, Intrusion protection, Data Reviewing and Offsite Monitoring. We are happy to chat with you about your business security needs and even get our team to set up a demo onsite for you.

Here are 6 Great Reasons to Choose Digiscan

Custom Finance

Digiscan offers customised finance options making our quality solutions affordable

Remote Monitoring on a Budget

Remote monitoring solutions to fit any requirements and budget

Decades of Experience

Our Team combines years of experience implementing the right blend of CCTV, access control and Off site monitoring

All Inclusive Package

Digiscan’s all inclusive rental packages provide a hassle free service with no upfront cost

Our Holistic Approach to Security

Digiscan provides a holistic solution for all security needs.

National Call Centre

Central Service number with national sales and technical support

Why not request a DEMO from our Sales Team

Drop us an email and give us your contact info and we will follow up within 24 hours.

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Our Main Area of Expertise

We provide a full management system that provides on-site managers with event reporting tools and off-site management with simplified printable reports. To increase your productivity amongst your workforce. • To monitor your staff with regards to all the country’s health and safety regulations.

While these areas may range higher or lower in priority based on your companies specific needs, these areas are the predominant drivers for the deployment of surveillance across most active businesses.


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